East Texas Medical Center

We chose Avigilon because it offers an easy-to-install, user-friendly and scalable solution that allows us to conduct fast video searches and accurate investigations.”


Challenge: Protecting staff and patients

With patient and staff safety at the forefront of their business, ETMC is responsible for managing a security system across their multi-facility healthcare organization. Not only is that security system necessary to protect staff and patients, but also ETMC as an entity. The propensity of questionable incident reports among patients, including on-site injuries, can be cause for costly litigation processes. Because of an outdated legacy system, reliable footage to combat claims was often unavailable.

Solution: Technology that does more

The ETMC team deployed Avigilon solutions allowed them to deal with previously challenging security situations more efficiently.

Faster investigations
After a threatening incident took place in the periphery of an ETMC campus, the security team used Avigilon Unity Video to create a powerful narrative of events.

Reliable video coverage
The image quality and resilience against the elements made Avigilon video security cameras effective for monitoring critical areas of high foot and vehicle traffic.

Flexible and scalable
The variety of the Avigilon video security camera portfolio allows for the specification of camera sizes and lenses as ETMC’s installation expands.

Technology That's Easy to Manage

East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) sought a security solution that would help its security team keep patients and staff safe while providing evidence for liability claims.

Superior Image Detail

Offering ultra-high resolutions up to 61 MP, Avigilon security cameras provided the level of image detail ETMC needed.

Efficient Video Review

Avigilon Unity Video allows for quick and easy review of live or recorded video from all connected cameras.

Advanced Analytics

Self-Learning Video Analytics accurately recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene.

Expansive Coverage

ETMC installed over 500 video security cameras, including Pro, Dome and SL Dome models.

Result: A successful upgrade

Working together, Avigilon and ETMC achieved the healthcare system’s mission of offering exceptional service by using reliable and effective security technologies. The solutions implemented provide East Texas residents with safe and secure experiences, resulting in comfort for patients and staff, as well as overall protection of ETMC’s network and business.

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