Fire Life Safety Solutions

Minimize risk and safeguard lives with a comprehensive fire-life safety system.  

Fire life-safety systems are a fundamental mandate for any organization, minimizing risks of property damage and loss of life through early fire detection. Beyond fire incidents, these systems also protect individuals during other emergencies such as earthquakes and power failures. By implementing these robust systems, organizations can effectively mitigate potential hazards, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals while minimizing the risk of property damage and loss of life. 

Absco Solutions has been serving as a fire life-safety system integrator since its inception in 1977. Our end-to-end services span from system design and installation to code compliance consultation, testing, inspection, and service and repair.  When it concerns fire life-safety systems with human lives at stake, we are committed to upholding the utmost standards of quality in our services and products. 

Fire Life Safety Solutions

Fire Alarm Systems

Ensure the safety of your facility with advanced fire alarm systems that detect and notify you of any potential fire emergencies. 

Voice Evacuation & Emergency Communication

Advanced audio solutions that are designed to deliver clear voice messages to guide people to safety during emergencies. 

Fire & Smoke Dampers

Prevent the spread of fire and smoke in your facility’s HVAC systems with fire and smoke dampers. 

Our partners

We have been working in the fire-life safety industry since Absco’s inception in 1983. 

Absco has been a distributor for Gamewell FCI since the beginning. The company has NICET II-IV certified personnel on staff for the design of fire alarm systems. 

We are also UL-listed for fire alarm system installation. We can offer manufacturer recommended installations with UL-certified central station monitoring.  


Don't wait for disaster to strike.

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