Installation & Integration Solutions

Elevate your security infrastructure with expert installation and seamless integration services.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the correct installation and seamless integration of security systems are crucial for a strong security framework. These aspects not only optimize the functionality of your systems but also their compatibility with your existing infrastructure. 

With over 45 years of experience, Absco Solutions stands as your trusted partner in designing, installing, and integrating innovative security solutions.  We offer custom integration services tailored to your unique requirements, keeping in mind code compliance, budget, and timeline. From facility vulnerability assessment to comprehensive security master planning, our knowledge, and decades’ worth of real-world experience enable us to provide expert advice and high-quality service. 

Installation & Integration Solutions

Professional Installation

System installation of security infrastructure that is code compliant and fully aligns with your budget, schedule, and scope requirements.

Test, Program, and Commission Systems

Testing and commissioning to verify that systems operate in a manner consistent with construction documents, client requirements, and manufacturer standards.

System Integration

We take two or more systems and make them interoperate on a digital or an electromechanical interface to create a seamless, interconnected framework.

Our Partners

Absco Solutions is a Motorola Solutions Safety & Security Ecosystem Partner.

The Safety & Security Ecosystem unifies voice, data, video, and analytics in one integrated platform to enable individuals, businesses & communities to work together in more powerful ways.

  • Avigilon Alta, a cloud-based security solution that integrates video security with access control
  • Avigilon Unity, an AI-powered video management software with cloud-managed capabilities
  • Motorola Orchestrate, a cloud-based interface that enables administrators to configure and automate workflows that control integrated security technology ecosystems
  • Ally Incident and Management and Mass Dispatch, an integrated platform that combines incident management and dispatch

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