Master Planning
& Design Solutions

Solutions designed to address your facility’s specific needs and requirements.

A good security master plan includes the long-term strategic direction of safety and security operations. This includes considerations on organizational growth, facility design and campus planning, multi-year implementation, preventative maintenance, hardware lifecycle management, and budgets and milestones that will guide your organization over time.  

Master planning places your facility’s unique needs at the forefront of your safety and security strategy. We work closely with you to tailor a life safety or security plan specifically for your facilities. Our team has the technical expertise to ensure that all systems fully comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Our track record includes serving clients across diverse industries, including highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and government. 

We advocate for our clients and make it our mission to ensure that they get the best security environment for their facilities, whether for a single building, a mixed-use complex or multiple sites. Our goal is to bring our clients peace of mind with a holistic security strategy that can safeguard people and properties from both current and emerging threats. 

Master Planning & Design Solutions


Consultation & Needs Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of your existing security systems and an in-depth analysis of potential risks and vulnerabilities.


Master Planning & Risk Assessment

We work with you to create a custom, long-term strategic plan for your facility’s safety and security infrastructure. 


Design, Engineering & Estimating

We provide detailed system designs and architectural plans for the installation of safety and security systems, including camera placement, access control points, fire alarm devices, and other components. 

Build your security blueprint.

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