The team at Absco Solutions is always professional, polite, reliable and on time.  I foresee continuing to use them for the next several years.

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Join Absco Solutions and Avigilon on September 23!

Join Absco Solutions and Avigilon for a joint webinar on the Avigilon Control Center. See Avigilon’s video management software in action, with live demonstrations of how ACC uses AI for facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more.   Register Now!

Identiv Highlights a Long-Term, Successful Relationship:
Our Partnership with Absco Solutions.

Identiv Comunity
Erick Slabaugh, CEO of Absco Solutions, recently sat down with us to tell us more about his mission and what makes his company different.

Absco Solutions is now an authorized dealer for Motorola Solutions’Ally Security Incident Management Software

Ally streamlines security operations with an integrated, cloud-based platform. Through ease of use and immediate access, Ally connects your teams to all incident, dispatch and analytics information with the devices you use today.

Education Stabilization Fund- $82 Billion in Grants Funding

New grant funding is now available through the Coronavirus Response & Relief Act under the Education Stabilization Fund to support efforts by states, schools, and institutions of higher learning to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus.

Absco Partners with Cisco for Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (formerly Fluidmesh) is a new generation of wireless technology that lets you achieve fiber-like performance for mission-critical applications.

Absco Solutions is now an Authorized Elite dealer/distributor for Honeywell Farenhyt Series

The Honeywell Farenhyt System offers flexible, turnkey solutions for emergency communications, carbon monoxide (CO) and fire detection.

Everything You Need to Know About Video Analytics

Video surveillance systems are improving all the time. Aside from advancements in hardware, security providers have also developed analytics technology to process captured footage in real-time. Video analytics maximizes the use of surveillance systems through advanced monitoring capabilities, turning video surveillance into an even more powerful security tool.

 The Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Security

Cloud-based security solutions are on the rise. However, just like on-premise security systems, true cloud-based systems have their own set of drawbacks. Hybrid cloud security systems bridge the gap between on-premise and true cloud-based systems and allow organizations to enjoy the advantages of both systems while mitigating the risks.

Article courtesy of BOMA Insight Georgia, July 2018

Shooter Detection Systems: The New Fire Alarm

Fatalities from high-rise fires have decreased, in large part due to more comprehensive life safety systems, codes, standards, and training. Conversely, our headlines are too often filled with tragic news on incidents involving active shooter events with multiple fatalities.

What You Need to Know About ERCES

Since the introduction of several codes, local authorities have been working to adopt emergency radio signal requirements into the local fire and building codes. These codes require emergency responder radio signal strength and coverage to be measured in all new and some existing construction. When signal strength does not meet the requirements, it requires an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) to be installed.

How to Defend Your Physical Security Devices From Hackers

Today, our physical security devices are increasingly connected and integrated into broader systems for ease of monitoring, deployment of analytics, and cross-functional automation. As a result, our physical security devices are also at increased exposure to cyberattacks.

Service Agreements: What You Need to Know

So, you say you don’t need a service agreement. You have it covered in-house or you’ll call when you need service.

Before you make that decision, let’s take a look at what a service agreement is, what it can and can’t do for you, and what you risk without one.

Absco CLF Workstation
Nine Items to Consider When Planning a Security Operation Center

One of our senior account executives recently called me to solicit my aid in serving one of our clients who has need of a Security Operations Center or SOC. Her first question was “What do we need to know about developing a comprehensive plan for building out a customer SOC?” That it is the right question to ask.

Server Room
The Importance of Bandwidth to a Successful Surveillance System

I’m sitting in my home office during the COVID pandemic, when my computer connection comes to a grinding halt. One son informs me that Netflix is timing out and the other tells me his Oculus isn’t connecting to the WiFi. The cause of our computer issues all too clear. My internet bandwidth needs to be upgraded.

How to Get a Return on our Safety and Security Investment?

If you have significantly invested in your facility’s life-safety and security systems, you know a well-integrated system can be something that may feel like it is not improving your organization on a daily basis.

How can you turn this expense into an ongoing benefit?

Getting the Maximum Benefit from Your System with Training

Training is an essential part of effectively and efficiently using any system installed for the safety and security of your organization. However, training on how to program your new or existing system is only half of the equation; understanding the purpose for the system(s) and what it is designed to do is of even greater importance.

Articles/Case Studies

Identiv Highlights a Long-Term, Successful Relationship:
Our Partnership with Absco Solutions.

Identiv Comunity
Erick Slabaugh, CEO of Absco Solutions, recently sat down with us to tell us more about his mission and what makes his company different.

Setting New Safety Precedents with Machias Elementary School’s BDA Addition

Honeywell & Benzhor Group
Absco Solutions had the opportunity to partner up with Honeywell and Benzhor Group to create a fantastic case study about a retrofit BDA installation project at Machias Elementary School.

Life Safety and Security Master Planning: Steps to Future Proof Your Systems

Puget Sound Business Journal
My grandfather taught me long ago that if I build a levee too short and a city floods, then I’ve wasted my whole investment. But if I build it…

Stadium Winning with Robust Network Solutions for HD Surveillance

Optigo Networks
One Seattle-based stadium’s surveillance system was experiencing performance issues during peak traffic. This location…

Absco Solutions on About Money Radio

About Money Radio
Erick joined Mike and Sara on About Money Radio to talk about strategic planning and making your facilities security needs are strong and implemented correctly to act in the case of an emergency situation. Erick speaks from 19:55 – 33:30.

Starting From the End: Creating a Master Security Plan

ASIS International
A good master security plan helps you spec and budget for that seven-foot flood with an eight-foot levee. And ultimately, a good plan leads to a good security system.

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