The team at Absco Solutions is always professional, polite, reliable and on time.  I foresee continuing to use them for the next several years.

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Join us for our joint webinar with AVA Security on September 29th

Come learn more about AVA’s intelligent video surveillance solutions to safeguard your people, property, and data proactively. AVA Security offers the same real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment with one interface for direct cloud-connected Ava devices and existing on-premises cameras.

The joint webinar will be Thursday, September 29th from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT.

Absco Solutions Lynnwood Office has moved to: 3400 188th St. SW, Lynwwod, WA 98027
We Moved!

Absco Solutions’ Lynnwood office has moved just up the block. Our new address is:

3400 188th St. SW, Suite 461
Lynnwood, WA 98027

Come visit us at our beautiful new location!

Tom Whitaker, President Absco Solutions
Absco Solutions is Proud to Announce Tom Whitaker’s Promotion to President

Beginning April 17, 2022, Tom Whitaker will take on the role of Absco Solutions’ president. We are very excited to watch Absco’s growth under Tom’s leadership.

Technician installing a video camera
Why You Need a Service Agreement

While safety and security systems reduce the risks of catastrophic events from occurring, preventative maintenance is critical in making sure these systems function as they should. A service agreement with a reputable service provider ensures that your systems function at their optimum performance level, especially in the event of an actual emergency.

cyber hacker
Advisory: Update Your Cybersecurity Procedures Now!

In light of the current conflict happening between Ukraine and Russia, NATO has imposed strict economic sanctions against, Russia. Russia is responding to the sanctions in a variety of ways. This may directly lead to retribution on US-based corporations, banks, and institutions, including in the form of cyberattacks on personal computers as well as the infrastructure such as internet access or the power grid. Take action to protect your organization.

Basis of Design: What It Is, What It’s For and Why It’s Important

Designing safety and security systems requires knowledge and skill – not only because of the high-stakes nature of these systems and the consequences of failure but also because security system design involves a set of tools and processes that require a high degree of technical competence. Security system design includes consists of drawings, specifications, project management, and a Basis of Design (BoD).

What is a Security Master Plan and Why is it Important for Your Organization?

The start of a new year is a good time to take stock and evaluate the performance and efficiency of your safety and security systems throughout the previous year. Reviewing details of the progress, achievements, challenges, and pitfalls that your systems encountered gives you the information you need to plan for the year ahead, address any pressing concerns, and mitigate any emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Fire Alarm 101

Fire is one of the deadliest risks that all homeowners and businesses face, which is why having a fire alarm system is of the utmost importance. Fire alarm systems can save lives and minimize the destruction of property. They are designed to provide an early warning of the threat so that we can take action to protect ourselves and the public before the situation gets out of hand.

Intrusion Detection 101

A properly designed physical intrusion detection system helps protect assets and facilities by securing a site and mitigating the possibility of intruders entering undetected. Read further to learn what everyone needs to know when planning an intrusion detection system.

Access Control User
Everything You Need to Know About Access Control

Access control is the backbone of physical security. As the first line of defense, it protects businesses from theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Physical access control systems are designed to restrict access in and out of an area. A lock and key design is the most basic form of access control, but over the years the technology for access control systems has grown significantly more secure and sophisticated. Learn more!

Everything You Need to Know About Video Analytics

Video surveillance systems are improving all the time. Aside from advancements in hardware, security providers have also developed analytics technology to process captured footage in real-time. Video analytics maximizes the use of surveillance systems through advanced monitoring capabilities, turning video surveillance into an even more powerful security tool.

Absco CLF Workstation
Nine Items to Consider When Planning a Security Operation Center

One of our senior account executives recently called me to solicit my aid in serving one of our clients who has need of a Security Operations Center or SOC. Her first question was “What do we need to know about developing a comprehensive plan for building out a customer SOC?” That it is the right question to ask.

Articles/Case Studies

Identiv Highlights a Long-Term, Successful Relationship:
Our Partnership with Absco Solutions.

Identiv Comunity
Erick Slabaugh, CEO of Absco Solutions, recently sat down with us to tell us more about his mission and what makes his company different.

Setting New Safety Precedents with Machias Elementary School’s BDA Addition

Honeywell & Benzhor Group
Absco Solutions had the opportunity to partner up with Honeywell and Benzhor Group to create a fantastic case study about a retrofit BDA installation project at Machias Elementary School.

Life Safety and Security Master Planning: Steps to Future Proof Your Systems

Puget Sound Business Journal
My grandfather taught me long ago that if I build a levee too short and a city floods, then I’ve wasted my whole investment. But if I build it…

Stadium Winning with Robust Network Solutions for HD Surveillance

Optigo Networks
One Seattle-based stadium’s surveillance system was experiencing performance issues during peak traffic. This location…

Absco Solutions on About Money Radio

About Money Radio
Erick joined Mike and Sara on About Money Radio to talk about strategic planning and making your facilities security needs are strong and implemented correctly to act in the case of an emergency situation. Erick speaks from 19:55 – 33:30.

Starting From the End: Creating a Master Security Plan

ASIS International
A good master security plan helps you spec and budget for that seven-foot flood with an eight-foot levee. And ultimately, a good plan leads to a good security system.

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