The team at Absco Solutions is always professional, polite, reliable and on time.  I foresee continuing to use them for the next several years.

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The Absco Solutions Beaverton office has moved to Wilsonville, OR. at 27550 SW 95th Ave. Suite 3028, Wilsonville, OR 97070
Our Oregon office moved!

Absco Solutions’ Beaverton office has moved to Wilsonville. Our new address is:

27350 SW 95th Ave.
Suite 3028
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Come visit us at our beautiful new location!

Image: Honeywell Diamond Award 2021 plaque received by Absco Solutions.
Absco Solutions Receives Honeywell Diamond Award

Absco Solutions is proud to be the 2021 recipient of the Honeywell Diamond Distributor Award by scoring a top ten score and providing superior, value-added customer service. We appreciate our strong relationship with Honeywell and look forward to continuing it for years to come.

Absco Solutions Lynnwood Office has moved to: 3400 188th St. SW, Lynwwod, WA 98027
We Moved!

Absco Solutions’ Lynnwood office has moved just up the block. Our new address is:

3400 188th St. SW, Suite 461
Lynnwood, WA 98027

Come visit us at our beautiful new location!

Concealed weapons detection
Concealed Weapons Detection; a Crucial Safety Solution

The United States has had more incidents of mass shootings than any other country. This year alone, there were a total of 198 mass shootings in just the first 19 weeks of the year, which breaks down to 11 mass shootings a week. 

This is an epidemic that security operators can proactively fight with the latest technology in weapons detection. The sobering reality is that guns and explosive devices get past security and inside the facility’s perimeters, which is why weapons detection is a crucial safety solution – especially for facilities that see a high number of people coming through.

image of a lock
Common Physical Security Weaknesses and How to Approach Them

An effective approach to safety and security must, by definition, be proactive and defensive. There will always be risks that threaten the safety and security of people, assets, and establishments. Risks can be mitigated, but not entirely eliminated. At its core, putting safety and security systems in place is a form of risk reduction meant to prepare for and lessen the possibility of threats from occurring. It is therefore vital to know common security vulnerabilities that affect organizations in order to put measures in place to handle any threat that would exploit those vulnerabilities.

Image: Man outdoors using a two-way radio for communication.
Two-way Radio Communication: Benefits & Considerations

Radio communications are a vital part of security work, being fundamental tools for security staff and team communications. It enables instant communication between teams — from doormen, surveillance officers, patrol guards, first responders, military, and even educators — two-way radio communication is critical to their operations.

Image: Cloud-based CCTV camera for video security.
Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Security Systems

Cloud-based security solutions are on the rise. Organizations are hopping on the digital transformation trend more and migrating from on-premise to cloud-based systems. By moving their security systems to the cloud, organizations can leverage its scalability, accessibility, and flexibility to better manage their security systems.

Image: Aerial view of a school campus.
Campus Safety and Security

Having a good safety and security program for schools and universities is critical to keeping students safe. From everyday incidents like vandalism to more extreme threats like active shooters, campus safety and security systems need to be able to manage a range of threats and vulnerabilities. This guide is meant for anyone concerned with school safety, containing best practices for creating a physically safe environment in which to learn.

Image: Street sign 'Future' and 'Proof' against cloudy sky background.
Future-Proofing Your Security Systems

“Future-proofing” is the process of designing something to anticipate future developments, making sure that it continues to be useful even when technology changes. A future-proof physical security system is one that provides all the necessary protection and features now but is also ready to support new features and functionalities to address new vulnerabilities and challenges.

Image: Man holding 'Compliance' with a check mark - representing adherence to life-safety and security regulations.
Security Compliance Management

Life safety and security systems are governed by a lot of codes, standards, and regulations for compliance – rightly so, given that these systems are designed to protect facilities and their occupants from threats may result in incidents, attacks, theft, injury, and even loss of life. Staying on top of security compliance isn’t always easy. Regulations and standards change often, as do the threats and vulnerabilities. Organizations often have to respond quickly to remain in compliance.

Image: Calculator, eyeglasses, ballpoint pen, and paper with budgeting pie graphs
Justifying a Life-Safety and Security Budget

How would we, as security professionals, justify the life and safety budget?  Executive management is often focused on numbers and bottom-line results – they may not always recognize how the security department can bring value to the business as a whole as they try to contain expenses and drive revenue.

Technician installing a video camera
Why You Need a Service Agreement

While safety and security systems reduce the risks of catastrophic events from occurring, preventative maintenance is critical in making sure these systems function as they should. A service agreement with a reputable service provider ensures that your systems function at their optimum performance level, especially in the event of an actual emergency.

Articles/Case Studies

Identiv Highlights a Long-Term, Successful Relationship:
Our Partnership with Absco Solutions.

Identiv Comunity
Erick Slabaugh, CEO of Absco Solutions, recently sat down with us to tell us more about his mission and what makes his company different.

Reliable Coverage with Seamless Integration
Setting New Safety Precedents with Machias Elementary School’s BDA Addition

Honeywell & Benzhor Group
Absco Solutions had the opportunity to partner up with Honeywell and Benzhor Group to create a fantastic case study about a retrofit BDA installation project at Machias Elementary School.

Life Safety and Security Master Planning: Steps to Future Proof Your Systems

Puget Sound Business Journal
My grandfather taught me long ago that if I build a levee too short and a city floods, then I’ve wasted my whole investment. But if I build it…

Stadium Winning with Robust Network Solutions for HD Surveillance

Optigo Networks
One Seattle-based stadium’s surveillance system was experiencing performance issues during peak traffic. This location…

Absco Solutions on About Money Radio

About Money Radio
Erick joined Mike and Sara on About Money Radio to talk about strategic planning and making your facilities security needs are strong and implemented correctly to act in the case of an emergency situation. Erick speaks from 19:55 – 33:30.

Starting From the End: Creating a Master Security Plan

ASIS International
A good master security plan helps you spec and budget for that seven-foot flood with an eight-foot levee. And ultimately, a good plan leads to a good security system.