Two-Way Radio Communication

Enhance security and coordination in your facility with reliable two-way radio communications, ensuring clear and instant connectivity in critical moments.

As a business or organization, it’s important to have reliable and efficient communication systems in place. Two-way radios enable real-time communication for different groups, from the control room to staff on the front line and first responders. It is a cost-effective solution for keeping your team connected when it matters most – whether in a business-critical situation or an emergency where every second counts.

Absco Solutions offers a wide range of two-way radio systems to meet the needs of your business. Our two-way radio communication service includes a range of options, including hand-held portable walkie-talkies, land mobile radios, or digital trunking solutions to cover large sites or multiple locations.

Two-Way Radio Solutions


Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC)

Embrace the convenience of push-to-talk over cellular, allowing instant communication across larger areas through cellular networks.


Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Experience crystal-clear sound quality, secure private conversations, and a range of useful data applications with DMR.

Our Partners

 We are a badged partner of Motorola Solutions, a leading innovator offering best-in-class radio equipment with a portfolio of products and solutions for instant communications and network interoperability. 

Our team is fully certified to design and install two-way radio communication systems from Motorola Solutions, including MOTOTRBO radios, WAVE PTX, and TETRA solutions. We also offer service maintenance options for preventive maintenance and comprehensive technical support.


Stay connected, stay secure.

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