Access Control Solutions

Protect your people, premises and intellectual property with cutting-edge access control solutions.

Access control is more than just the backbone of physical security —it’s your first line of defense against intrusions, theft, and potential security breaches. While a lock and key may be the most basic form of access control, technology has evolved significantly over the years to become more secure and sophisticated. From standalone technologies to networked systems that leverage internet connectivity, there’s an innovative access control solution for organizations of any size. 

Absco Solutions has over 25 years of experience in designing, installing, and integrating access control systems. Our comprehensive access control solutions are designed to safeguard your facility, provide you with the tools to control access effectively, and empower you with the ability to manage security seamlessly. 

Access Control Solutions


Proximity Access Control

Grant secure entries with a simple wave of a keycard, key fob, or smart card ID credentials. 


Cloud-based Access Control

Store access credential information in the cloud to grant access remotely and enable mobile access control, digital badges, and virtual credentials. 


Biometric Access Control

Verify identities at the door using unique biological traits like fingerprints to grant access to authorized individuals.  


Visitor Management

Streamline visitor registration, monitoring, and access to regulate entry of visitors into your facilities.  

Turnstiles & Mantraps

Control entry points with physical access control mechanisms to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entries. 

Vehicle Control

Ensure that only approved vehicles and drivers can access secure premises with automated gates, long range readers, RFID tags, and integration with video license plate recognition systems. 

Our Partners

 Absco Solutions uses best-in class products and technology from leaders in the industry. Organizations can ensure the highest level of security, efficiency, and scalability.

We are an Elite Plus Partner with Avigilon and a Platinum Preferred Partner with Hirsch/Identiv.


Absco is the marquee Hirsch/Identiv Systems Integrator in the Northwest. 


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