Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection system solutions is one of the services that Absco Solutions offers. It has a wide range of applications from perimeter entry and motions alarms to customer input alarms triggering unique events. These devices work by detecting unwanted elements entering or attempting to enter a restricted zone, or by monitoring for certain activities, such as glass break detectors and shock sensors. Since these sensors are trigger sensitive and can be prone to false alarms, a good intrusion detection system is one that strikes a balance between a high detection rate and a low false alarm rate. This is done by identifying the correct intrusion devices for the situations, and often adding dual detection for locations highly susceptible as a breach point. Intruder detection systems are often integrated with access control and video surveillance systems, leveraging on video analytics to detect unwanted activities.

Absco Solutions uses a solution-based approach instead of a product-based approach. This allows us, along with the client, to choose optimum solutions to varying security and business challenges that are tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements. We partner with two leading manufacturers for safety devices and intrusion detection systems, Bosch and Honeywell. We have extensive experience in installing a variety of security detection devices and systems and hold the following certification:

  • UL CRZH – Industrial Security Systems (UL 2050 Intrusion)

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Fully Integrated

Intrusion detection systems can be integrated with video surveillance and access control for a comprehensive security solution that can accommodate even the most complex requirements.

24/7 Monitoring

An intrusion detection system works round-the-clock. Quick alerts allow organizations to take immediate action to mitigate damage and loss.

Expert Knowledge

It is essential to have a trusted partner like Absco Solutions that knows the ins and outs of compliance standards and other regulations by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Best-in-class Products

At Absco Solutions, we use sensors, control panels keypads, and other devices that are UL certified.

“Absco clearly displayed to me the type of partner we look for at Telgian. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to everyone at Absco and a special thanks to Scott for being a true professional.”

Brian Pote
Telgian Corporation