Customer Care Solutions

From regular maintenance and troubleshooting to rapid response in emergencies, Absco ensures that your safety and security infrastructure remains reliable. 

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At Absco Solutions, our commitment extends far beyond just installing life safety and security systems. We are dedicated to keeping our clients’ systems in optimal working condition, ensuring they don’t fail. 

Our customer care team is at your service, providing round-the-clock support, troubleshooting, and prompt responses to inquiries. Whether it’s a critical situation requiring emergency assistance or a minor issue, our team is ready to ensure you’re covered. 

To keep your security systems running at their best, we offer customized proactive maintenance agreements. Our certified technicians carry out ongoing routine maintenance, inspections, and system updates to help ensure compliance with regulations.  

With Absco Solutions, you not only receive the support you need but also gain access to specialized knowledge and recommendations from our team, helping you achieve peace of mind and maximum system effectiveness. 

Customer Care Solutions

24/7 Emergency Service

Quick response support for system malfunctions and any other urgent issues. 

Standard Service & Warranty Repairs

Timely repairs to hardware components or software that experience issues or malfunction to restore them to optimal working conditions. 

Technical Support

Support and guidance for the configuration, optimization, and troubleshooting of software-related issues. 

System Maintenance, Test and Inspect

Regular inspections, testing, hardware checks, and proactive care to identify and address potential issues before they impact your operations. 

Customized Service Plan

Tailored service plan designed to meet your system’s unique needs and objectives. With a guaranteed service level agreement, we commit to meeting your needs promptly and reliably. 

Training and Education

Comprehensive training designed to empower end users with the knowledge and best practices they need to successfully operate fire, security, and communication systems. 

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