Andrew FletchallManaging Director

Andrew Fletchall: Tech/HR Efficiency Leader

Andrew Fletchall is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the field of physical security. Prior to joining Absco Solutions as the Director of Technology and Human Resources , where efficiency is his top priority, he served as the Corporate Loss Prevention Operations Manager for Nordstrom, where he was responsible for supporting all electronic security initiatives, including strategy and design for security solutions.

Andrew is a highly-skilled operations specialist with a strong focus on enhancing operational efficiencies, managing projects, and providing exceptional customer support. He brings his expertise in macro-managing operations and exceptional customer service to Absco Solutions, where he is committed to driving the company forward and delivering results.

With a degree in Mathematics from Oregon State University, where he studied both Mathematics and Engineering, Andrew has the educational background and real-world experience to excel in his role at Absco Solutions. During his time at Nordstrom, he received special recognition for his exceptional service, further demonstrating his commitment to excellence.