We provide the design, integration, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of fire and security systems. Whether you need access control, fire safety systems, intrusion detection, video surveillance, or some unique combination, we have you covered. We specialize in multiple buildings with complex needs, and in designing systems that meet both safety/security and business/operational needs.

Trust only Absco Solutions, your Fire and Security Systems Design provider.

Absco Solutions partners with  cooperative consortiums that offer special competitive pricing for members in the government and education markets. 

“A team of professionals from Absco came up with an idea of what Absco could do for Yakima Valley Community College. I gave them a campus map and then they developed the camera pixel size, the location, and how many cameras. They even designed a way to send the camera signal a thousand feet wireless to a receiver. Absco had 30 days to install power, network cabling, servers, and cameras. They accomplished the project and the day after we turned it on we caught vandals breaking into cars and the cameras are so good we even got vehicle make, model, color of vehicle, and the license number.”

Jeff Wood
Yakima Valley Community College