Accelerate Contact Tracing with Avigilon Video Security & Access Control

Amid a global health crisis, efficient contact tracing has become a paramount challenge for healthcare officials and organizations. The urgency to backtrack infected individuals and identify potential exposures requires swift action, yet information gaps hinder these efforts. In response, Motorola Solutions uses innovative technology to alleviate these challenges and enhance healthcare security.

Motorola Solutions introduces the Avigilon™ Access Control Manager (ACM), a robust physical access control system to safeguard people, assets, and properties. By seamlessly integrating with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, the ACM system offers a unified security solution that empowers organizations to monitor and secure their premises proactively.

Unlocking the Potential of Unified Video Security & Access Control

The synergy between ACM and ACC technology provides critical insights to support efficient contact tracing, enabling organizations to identify potentially exposed individuals and contaminated areas for timely intervention. For instance, consider an infected employee in a distribution center. Using the unified ACM and ACC system, security teams can trace the employee’s movements, including doors accessed during working hours.

The Identity Correlation Report in the ACM system offers an efficient way to generate reports of accessed doors, helping security personnel identify other employees who accessed the same doors within the same timeframe as the infected individual. This enables quick identification of potentially exposed individuals and aids in timely interventions.

Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Precise Tracing

ACC’s Identity Search feature facilitates tracing the infected employee’s access history, while Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology uses AI to track their route throughout the distribution center. This reduces hours of video footage review to minutes, expediting contact tracing. The combination of fixed video security cameras further enhances situational awareness and provides a comprehensive chain of events detailing the infected employee’s whereabouts.

Protecting Employees and Communities

Organizations can leverage existing technology to obtain critical information for protecting employees and communities by adopting a unified video security and access control solution. Motorola Solutions’ commitment to innovation continues to bridge gaps in healthcare technology, enhancing healthcare security measures and contributing to the fight against COVID-19

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