AVA Security logo: Cloud-based video surveillance solutions for protection.

Cloud-native Video Security

Ava Security’s mission is to create a better, smarter way to deliver security. They believe that security should live and breathe with your business. Ava Security provides a cloud-native video surveillance solution with full analytics and operational insights to your existing cameras and systems.

Forget rip and replace.  This open platform integrates to put a complete security ecosystem to work for you with the capability to integrate the systems, tools, and devices you use every day.

Cloud Video Security

Rethink security and bring Ava’s cloud-native video surveillance solution with full analytics and operational insights to your existing cameras and systems.

Ava’s intelligent cloud video security solutions safeguard your people, property, and data proactively. Extend the same real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment with one interface for direct cloud-connected Ava devices and existing on-premise cameras. Unifying tools and systems you use every day with a friction-free transition to the cloud video surveillance solution.


Smart Security Cameras

Find the right Ava security camera for your needs. Protect your mission with cloud-connected video surveillance cameras powered by AI.

  • Security cameras for every scenario
  • Built-in AI video & audio analytics
  • Cloud-native deployment
  • Built-in storage
  • Easy to install, use & maintain
  • 10-year warranty

Ava Aware Cloud
Video Management System

Scalable, intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you gain real-time visibility and insights from anywhere.

  • Map view with Smart Presence™
  • Video view with Spotlight
  • Timeline with Smart Presence™
  • Fast investigations with Smart Search™
  • Occupancy counting & heatmaps
  • Access control integrations

Ava Cloud Connector

Make your existing cameras smart with uniquely scalable real-time AI and transition to cost-effective cloud management.

  • Hub for local integrations
  • Real-time AI to all cameras
  • Single interface for all cameras
  • Local video access
  • Enhanced security
  • Cost-effective strategy

Absco Solutions is a certified Ava Partner

Absco Solutions has completed extensive training with Ava Security to become an Ava Partner.

As an Ava Partner, we can serve as your trusted advisor who has extensive experience and knowledge to help develop your technology ecosystem roadmap based on your organization’s unique budget, pace and needs.

By working with us, you have direct access to an Ava Partner who understands Ava’s unified ecosystem for cloud-native video security.