Sheila MillmanDirector of Administration

Sheila Millman

Sheila joined Absco Solutions in 1999 and has risen through the company, holding several different positions each with increasing responsibility. She also serves as the Secretary/Treasurer to the company and sits on board of one of Absco Solutions’ associate companies, FCP Insight, a SaaS business solution for specialty contractors.

Her career includes 30 years in the commercial sector including Absco Solutions and such companies as Sur La Table, a retail and catalog gourmet kitchen store and Data I/O, a custom engineering programming software company. She has experience in a wide variety of business activities including management and creation of all aspects of corporate administrative policies and duties; accounting; contract management; inventory management; managing order processing and purchasing departments; foreign order and shipping management; all aspects of accounts receivable and payable, collections; and all human resource activities and benefits management.