Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become an increasingly important business tool. It solves a wide array of security and facility vulnerability issues that organizations have. Not only does it provide evidence in the event of a crime, but just having security cameras in strategic locations deters criminal activity like theft and trespassing.

The advancement of video analytics and security integrations also provide a multitude of added benefits to a video surveillance system. From facial recognition, to event detection, perimeter protection, and automating access control, video analytics augments security with advanced capabilities.  We at Absco Solutions continue to invest in video analytics in order to offer more real-time, proactive security that extends the effectiveness of security personnel.

Absco Solutions has continued to invest in video analytics in an effort to offer more real-time, proactive, preventive intelligence for security, as well as investing to extend the future value into operational intelligence.

We use best-in-class video surveillance equipment and technology that aligns with the needs of the diverse markets we serve. We partner with the leading innovators in the industry, including Avigilon, Honeywell, and Ava Security to design, install, and maintain video surveillance systems for our clients. Our technicians have extensive expertise in video surveillance and can effectively configure camera systems to suit our clients’ security needs.

Decades of Experience

We have over 20 years of experience as security system integrators, and oversee the full lifecycle of our clients’ systems.

Best In-Class Products

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to integrate best-in-class products to any system we design.

Licensed and Certified Technicians

Our team is composed of licensed low-voltage electricians with both industry and manufacturer certifications.

Augmented Security

We keep up with innovations in video analytics to maximize the potential of video surveillance systems.

“Management was blown away at the quality of the video the new cameras provided. Once again Absco came through with outstanding results.”

Patrick Farrell
ABM Security Services