Emergency Communication

Part of an effective vulnerability master plan in emergency communication. It is essential to be able to communicate critical information and instruction to emergency responders, facility managers, and the broader public, whether it is a fire life safety event or an active shooter scenario. It is crucial to determine whether one should evacuate or stay in place within a couple of seconds of an event occurrance.


Absco Solutions is a Gamewell-FCI Elite dealer for ERCES/BDA/DAS systems. These systems are increasingly required by building departments or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) at new and existing construction in order to amplify the bi-directional radio communications of emergency responders.

“Every aspect of our project that involved Absco was seamless from permitting to install to inspections and we even had inspectors comment how well done our fire alarm system was and how easy it was to pass the inspection.”

Autumn Snow
The Trike Stop Childcare Center & Preschool