Emergency Communication

A mass notification system is essential to managing emergencies and threats effectively. In the event of an emergency, the speed and accuracy of information getting to the right people can be crucial. Whether it’s alerting building occupants about an emerging threat and giving real-time instructions, or communicating with emergency responders, a mass notification system is a highly effective way of sharing important information to those who need it.

Aside from notification devices for public safety, it’s also important for organizations to have emergency responder communication enhancement systems (ERCES) that enables reliable communication between responders during an emergency situation. Because radio signals going in and out of buildings are often weakened by concrete, glass, metal, and other structures, ERCES/BDA/DAS systems are needed to boost signal strength and coverage.

Absco Solutions is a Gamewell-FCI Elite dealer for ERCES/BDA/DAS systems. These systems are becoming increasingly required by building departments or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) at new and existing constructions in order to amplify the bi-directional radio communications of emergency respondents. Honeywell’s Gamewell-FCI family of code-compliant BDA systems are designed to safeguard the lives of first respondents in a variety of public building environments.

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Fast and Efficient Communication

In the event of an emergency, mass notification systems can quickly notify and inform people who are in harm’s way.


Improved Response Times

Quick communication can improve response times, both from the public and from emergency responders.


Enhanced Public Safety

A code-compliant mass notification system enhances public safety and decreases the risk of liabilities for the organization.


Licensed Installer

Absco Solutions has certified technicians for installation and uses best-in-class products that are manufactured to code.

“Every aspect of our project that involved Absco was seamless from permitting to install to inspections and we even had inspectors comment how well done our fire alarm system was and how easy it was to pass the inspection.”

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