Integration Technology

Integration technology is one of the critical security system that any organization’s considers. It provides a holistic security strategy and allows businesses to get the most out of their security technology investments. An integrated security system allows different components such as video surveillance, access control, and fire life safety systems to seamlessly work together and provide next-level security.

Absco has 35 years of experience as a security integrator for educational institutions, local businesses, and the federal government. Whether your organization is investing in its first security solution or you have an existing set of technologies that aren’t fully integrated, we can help.

We have a full life cycle approach for security integrations. We can build an integration strategy that suits your business’s specific needs, from designing your system, through implementation, as well as providing a tailored support and maintenance plan to ensure the success of your security investment.

Our expertise, coupled with best-in-class products from our trusted vendor partners, allows us to create custom integrated technology security solutions for our clients. Call us now!

Increased Efficiency

Integration technology allows organizations to streamline security operations, no longer requiring humans to bridge the gap between systems.

Improved Security

Users can leverage automated processes and real-time information for quicker response times and decision-making, allowing organizations to identify and resolve issues as they happen.

Better Management & Control

Integrated systems let organizations have a centralized management hub with unified access that makes it easy to oversee and control all aspects of security operations.

Quick ROI

Investing in integrated security systems provide ROI by increasing operational efficiencies, reducing manpower needs, and providing additional risk mitigation capabilities.

“I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of Tony and his guys today. They ran into some challenges getting the NE Access Pedestrian Aiphone up and going today and they still adapted and overcame to make it happen. It’s a huge help to us to have that up and going.”

Andy Holmes
Lumen Field