Discover the Power of Avigilon Alta’s Cloud-Based Security

Security technology has become more important than ever as our society becomes more connected. In recent years, cloud-based security systems have become increasingly popular among organizations of all sizes to protect their brand reputation, facilities and people. The latest developments in cloud-based security will be covered in a joint webinar hosted by Absco Solutions and Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Alta on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. 

Avigilon Alta is a cloud-based security suite that unifies video surveillance and access control. Formerly known as Ava Security and Openpath, Avigilon Alta combines Ava’s cutting-edge video surveillance capabilities and Openpath’s award-winning access control solution together into one cloud-based platform, allowing you to control your security from anywhere via a browser or mobile device.

This serverless solution does not require infrastructure beyond cameras, controllers, and access control readers. You have the option of building a fully cloud-native system or connecting Avigilon Alta to your existing cameras and readers — giving them cloud capabilities and access to AI-powered analytics.

Our team of experts will lead an engaging discussion, sharing their expertise and providing insights and best practices. We will talk about cutting-edge, cloud-based technology from Avigilon Alta and hear from Motorola and Absco experts, well versed in cloud-based and on-premise security solutions to enhance your security strategies. You will be encouraged to ask questions, voice your opinion, and learn from the experts and each other.

To secure your seat and make the most of this opportunity, we suggest signing up as soon as possible. Don’t miss this chance to learn from some of the industry’s top experts and take part in an open discussion on cloud-based security.

Make note of May 17th on your calendar and sign up now. We look forward to seeing you there!

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