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Motorola Solutions: Safety Reimagined for Safety’s Future

A Century of Innovation

The Launch of Safety Reimagined

  • The launch of the Safety Reimagined platform demonstrates Motorola Solutions’ commitment to innovation.

Safety Reimagined: A Platform for the Future

  • This platform brings together a full ecosystem of products and technology, all aimed at improving safety and efficiency.

An Ecosystem of Products and Technology

  • With the integration of voice, video, data, and analytics, organizations can now better detect and respond to potential threats and inefficiencies in real time.

Connecting Voice, Video, Data, and Analytics

  • The Safety Reimagined platform connects voice, video, data, and analytics in a unified ecosystem.

Better Detection and Response to Threats and Inefficiencies

  • With this integration, organizations can now better detect and respond to potential threats and inefficiencies in real time.

Advanced Video Cameras: Unprecedented Situational Awareness

  • Advanced video cameras provide a level of situational awareness that was previously unimaginable.

Powerful Analytics that Focus on What’s Important

  • With their powerful analytics, they allow organizations to focus their attention on what’s most important.

Intuitive Software that Aggregates and Analyzes Data

  • The intuitive software aggregates and analyzes data, making it easier for teams to share information and work together more efficiently.

Enhanced Understanding of the Situation at Hand

  • With advanced video cameras and powerful analytics, organizations have a much better understanding of the situation at hand.

Reliable Voice and Data Communications

  • Teams can now be connected across workflows and zones with reliable voice and data communications.

Critical Information Always Within Reach

  • This level of connectivity ensures that critical information is always within reach, especially in emergencies.

In Conclusion: Keeping Communities and Businesses Safe and Efficient

  • In conclusion, Motorola Solutions is committed to keeping our communities and businesses safe and efficient with the launch of the Safety Reimagined platform.

The Motorola Solutions portfolio includes:

  • Access Control (link)- maybe paragraph or at least company names
  • Body Worn Cameras (link)
  • Cloud-based Workflow Automation (link)
  • Concealed Weapons Detection (link)
  • Incident Management (link)
  • Two-way Radio communications (link)
  • Video Surveillance (link) Avi

Absco Solutions is a Motorola Solutions Badged Partner.

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Industry-Leading Solutions: Motorola Solutions

Technology for a Better World

Motorola Solutions builds the technologies and solutions that keep their enterprise and public safety customers thriving. They have led the advances of global safety for nearly a century. Whether it is helping firefighters navigate a smoke-filled building or reliably keeping the lights on in homes and businesses around the world, Motorola Solutions is dedicated to designing and delivering innovative solutions their customers rely on – in everyday and critical moments.

Safety Reimagined

Motorola Solutions hosts a full ecosystem of products and technology under the umbrella of their Safety Reimagined platform. Motorola Solutions has reimagined how safety and efficiency are delivered with integrated technologies that connect voice, video, data, and analytics in a unified ecosystem. Allowing organizations to better detect, analyze, communicate and respond appropriately to inefficiencies as well as potential threats. Advanced video cameras provide unprecedented situational awareness, powerful analytics focus attention on what’s important, intuitive software aggregates, analyzes, and shares information, and instant voice and data communications reliably connect teams across workflows and zones.


Critical Communications

Whether it’s communications that save lives or information that keeps a business moving, these solutions are built to get the message through.

Video Security and Access Control

Security solutions, powered by AI, that make your system smarter
and your response times faster.

Command Center Software

The industry’s most integrated end-to-end public safety software suite. Experience software integration from call to case closure.

Absco Solutions is a Safety Reimagined Partner

Absco Solutions has completed extensive training with Motorola Solutions to become a Badged Partner.

As a Safety Reimagined Badged Partner, we can serve as your trusted advisor who has extensive experience and knowledge to help develop your technology ecosystem roadmap based on your organization’s unique budget, pace and needs.

By working with us, you have direct access to a Safety Reimagined Badged Partner who understands Motorola Solutions unified ecosystem from end-to-end and can serve as a single, local point of contact for support across your entire ecosystem.

“Having this partnership with Absco Solutions at Seafair this year made our overall operations and the resulting safety experience for our guest exponentially better.  Not only is their technology state of the art and easy to use but even more impressive is the team of people they put in place to make it all happen… first class!”

Richard L Andersen

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