Streamline Contact Tracing with Integrated Video Security and Access Control Solutions

Rapid response is paramount when it comes to tracing the steps of an infected individual and identifying those who might have been exposed or areas that have been contaminated. Efficient contact tracing is pivotal in safeguarding the well-being of employees and customers, aiming to curtail further spread within your premises. Avigilon’s seamless integration of Access Control Manager (ACM) and Control Center (ACC) offers a potent solution, shedding light on an individual’s movements, attempted access points, and potential contacts within your facility.

Operational Mechanism
For a foolproof approach, leveraging identification software eliminates human errors during data collection, enabling precise contact tracing across the facility. ACM’s Identity Correlation Report generates a comprehensive list of doors accessed by the infected person. Simultaneously, it identifies other individuals who might have interacted with these doors in the same timeframe. The Identity Search feature visually confirms interactions and entries through specific doors, seamlessly connecting with cameras. Notably, this search extends to Avigilon’s Appearance Search technology, uncovering other areas the individual might have visited, even in camera-free zones.

Mitigating Contagion
Subsequently, the system operator can proactively notify potentially exposed individuals, prompting them to take necessary safety measures, including testing and increased sanitation in potentially affected zones. With a unified video security and access control solution in place, organizations can ingeniously harness existing technology to gather crucial insights, amplifying protection for employees and the wider community.

For further information, explore our COVID-19 Resource page or arrange a demonstration to engage with a local Avigilon representative. Stay ahead in safeguarding your environment with Avigilon’s innovative solutions.

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