Absco Solutions Renews Its Washington Learning Source Contract

Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a statewide program that provides a source for subscribers to choose products and services that meet their needs and create economic efficiencies for them. All public K-12 educational institutions and associations published in the Washington State Education Directory, and Washington state public agencies are eligible to become WLS members and purchase from this optional use contract

Membership in WLS is free. School districts, local governments, counties, water districts, transit centers, hospitals and other public agencies can reap will be able to reap the following benefits with a membership: 

  • The client will be working directly with Absco Solutions. 
  • The client is able to utilize items that are on the WLS contract and save money on purchasing from Absco Solutions 
  • The client can purchase products at lower prices 
  • The client does not have to go out to public bid, and in-turn will save money and time not going through the entire RFP process.  
  • The client can find tools, resources, products, and services that improve teaching?and learning 
  • The client can read announcements and time-sensitive information

To learn more about membership, visit the WLS website or talk to your Absco Solutions Account Executive.

Absco Solutions has been a part of the Security Division Category of the WLS program since 2013 and we just renewed with updated pricing.

Products Absco Soutions Offers through WLS: